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Candidates for this exam are seeking to prove core software development skills. Before taking this exam, candidates should have a solid foundational knowledge of the topics outlined in this preparation guide
It is recommended that candidates be familiar with the concepts of and have hands-­-on experience with the technologies described here either by taking relevant training courses or by working with tutorials and samples available on MSDN and in Microsoft Visual Studio

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Understanding Core Programming

Understand Computer Storage and Data Types
Understand Computer Decision Structures
Identify the Appropriate Method for Handling Repetition
Understand Error Handling

Understand the Fundamentals of Classes
Understand Inheritance
Understand Polymorphism
Understand Encapsulation

Understand Application Life Cycle Management
Interpret Application Specifications
Understand Algorithms and Data Structures

Understand Web Page Development
Understand Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Web Application Development
Understand Web Hosting
Understand Web Services

Understand Windows Store Applications
Understand Console-Based Applications
Understand Windows Services

Understand Relational Database Management Systems
Understand Database Query Methods
Understand Database Connection Methods